Senior Stylist

My love of hair started in grade school, trying new things with my own hair and eventually convincing others to let me do theirs. My passion began with color, specifically highlighting, being a blonde myself. After five years in the field I’ve found cutting to be a specialty of mine. I trained at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles and fell in love with their product as well as their mission statement. I grew up with a very holistic and nature loving upbringing so to be apart of Aveda and contribute in giving back to the parts of the world which Aveda helps thrive is very important to me. However, the training at Vidal Sassoon and Tony and Guy are helping to shape me as a stylist as well. Traveling is one of the greatest influences on my life so far, and I’ve found there’s much to learn about many things, hair included from people out of your own country and comfort zone. Being a stylist you never stop learning and I intend to seek out the betterment of my education through photo shoots and endless classes both in the country and abroad.

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